The IndiaBoosters Story is a professional team of technical Specialists, Developers & Marketing analysts accross India. The Brand " ORWIND " Under the Guidence Of Karan Overseas International Co. has been distributing cell phone repeaters for over 7 Years In the Indian Industry, and are proud of being the first supplier of Orwind and General Aux repeaters within the India. We offer a comprehensive range of Mobile Amplifiers / Mobile Signal Boosters that will guarantee you stable connections and comfortable communications whenever you need it. Thanks to an excellent reputation of Karan Overseas International Company, New Delhi-28 who have expertise in cell phone boosters, an innovative approach and our customer-oriented service, a Unit of Karan Overseas International Company Having a Registered Head Office @ Plot No 4, 201 Naraina Industrial Area Phase-1, New Delhi-110028 is rapidly gaining in popularity all Over Asia. Every member of our team masters in the ins and outs of mobile signal technologies.

It’s been over 10 years since Karan Overseas International Company Having a Registered Head Office @ Plot No 4, 201 Naraina Industrial Area Phase-1, New Delhi-110028 became the leader on the Indian market of CCTV Cameras, Mobile Signal Boosters, Metal Detectors, Mobile Jammers, Air Purifiers, Baggage Scanner Machines, Borewell Camera's Upto 5000 SQ Feet, Spy Hidden & Pinhole Camera, Wifi & Wireless Camera's. The popularity of is due to the following reasons:

Unbeatable Best & Affordable Prices
Our major advantage is affordable and reasonable pricing structure, which we are able to offer you due to a well-organized chain of distribution of our Products in all Parts of India. Nobody wants to pay more than the necessary, and we want to give you value for money product.That's Our Only aim.
Customer-Oriented Service
You are always welcome to ask us any questions or queries 24 hours 7 days a week. Unlike most companies we DO HELP you whenever you need it. We will be happy to provide you with detailed explanations and instructions of Our Amazing Products. We need you to be satisfied with our Cooperation & Services So that You Can Recommend Us Proudly to your Friends & Families.
A-One Quality Provider- As People Say in India
Each & Every one of our Mobile Signal Booster is made from qualitative materials that correspond to the world recognized standards of Trust & Faith. Additionally, we give warranty for every device and we guarantee that you’ll get qualified assistance from our Side.
Huge Range Of Mobile Network Boosters & Repeaters
Every singal person has individual needs and preferences when it comes to mobile communications & services. Therefore, we offer a complete line of mobile network signal booster for small private houses, all types of vehicles, big office buildings, supermarkets, hotels etc. Moreover, we take into account the diverse frequency ranges of different countries.

We know that a reliable mobile cell-phone connection is very important nowadays, which is why we are here to solve the problem of all dropped and missed calls once and for all, as we all Know that time is precious & we Should not just waste it because of the poor Signals.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please get in touch with our Technical Experts at +91-999-0055-937 / +91-81-3010-7970 / +91-7838-292-696 Now or Email Us @