The 7 Step Process- The Magical Secret Of Success

IndiaBoosters Analysis

To Connect through the signal booster/ amplifier is the reason of our existance, thus our process to justify our existence has to be seamless.We have defined Easy & crystal clear steps that we follow to help you with the best product and also ensure that they perform their best. Please scroll down below to understand our process philosophy thoroughly...#IndiaBoosters.

Honesty & Transparency & is the Best Policy in Business...

At Indiaboosters all of us hate to hide things, especially when it entails our customer’s interest. Providers of cutting edge mobile signal booster for home, office, vehicle & more we maintain complete transparency along each step we take because we want you come back to us again and again.

Primary Consultation

All The IndiaBoosters Story...

To start the process, it’s important that we connect " no better way to connect better than OrwinD's mobile network booster ". You can call us @ +91-77770-01500, +91-84440-00999 or drop us a mail @ or request a call back and our business development representative shall get back to you in the shortest possible time frame to discuss your requirement in details.

We Understand Your Needs & Requirement's.

Exchanging information and understanding your requirement vis-à- vis signal boosting amplifier is what we initially target for. For this, we would ask for few important questions and answering them shall help you take us to the next step: ‘requirement analysis.’

Investigate the Problem

After hearing out your requirement, we analyze the connectivity issue faced by you, identify the key problem areas and internally look out for the best possible mobile signal booster by OrwinD for mobile that shall serve as an apt solution for your needs.

Provinding Project Proposal("The 3 P'S)

Discussing Proposal

This stage entails discussion of the mobile network signal booster project at both internal and external levels through a boardroom session followed by a brainstorming one.

Recommending a Solution/Booster

An in-depth discussion on all possibilities that shall positively impact your network and increase mobile signal is conducted and an ideal solution selected amongst them with consent from both ends.

Finalizing Project

All elements for setting up a mobile network booster are discussed and the project is finalized. The discussion points include client’s requirements, specifications, timeline, availability, budget and any other constraint.

Arranging The Demo

Identifying Customer Location

Team identifies the customer’s location where the mobile signal antenna and network booster are to be installed correctly for better performance. It then analyzes the location vis-à- vis installation possibility and functional success of the device as per needs.

Performing the demo

Our service engineer shall visit your location and provide a full-fledged demo of the mobile signal booster. This shall include installation of the device, showcasing the functionality and displaying the increase mobile signal strength through its usage. Please remember, our demo does not constrain you to purchase our mobile signal booster for home or any other location.

Collecting the Feedback

Once demo is completed, our team shall collect your feedback and provide your valued inputs to our customer support and business development team so that we may learn from it and improve our signal booster device and services further.

Understanding & Finalizing the Order/Deal

Yes!Of Course / No (Decision making)

Now, our clients are at an assertive stage where decision making is easiest for them. It is the moment of final yes or no which shall freeze our relationship forever.

Collecting Token Money

Once you decide to buy mobile signal booster from us, we shall collect the token money which shall depend largely on your choice of the device.

Finalizing the Order (Assigning the Relationship manager)

It’s the onset of a journey where superior connectivity shall never leave your side. The order is marked finalized once a relationship manager is assigned to you against the mobile network booster purchased from us.

Final Installation

Arranging the engineer

A technical expert in services is selected and assigned the task to install the signal booster for mobile within your premises.

Dispatching the Engineer

The network booster installation engineer visits the identified location as per your convenience. Prior to this, our customer support desk calls you to check on the date and time most suitable for you to perform this task.

Performing the Installation

The mobile signal antenna (both internal and external) and the 2G mobile booster/ 3G mobile booster / 4G mobile booster / In Future " 5G " mobile booster device is installed by the installation engineer keeping in view all the factors that work towards enhancing the signal strength.

Warranty & Document Of Purchase.

Availing Warranty Card

Using the products you have choosed, our Indiaboosters Service Mission teams will begin to prepare you warranty card for continous service in the future depending upon the purchase made.

Preparing Documents

Our Team Will Prepare Documents For Your Purchase with us, so that you can be in touch with us through years & decades...#Indiaboosters.

Dispatching the Documents and warranty Card

The warranty card along with other network booster for home/office documents shall be dispatched to you through our centralized team at your registered address.

Service & Support

Receiving the Complaint

In case you face any concern related to our mobile network booster, you can call us at our 24*7 customer care numbers for instant support. Your complaint is registered with us and shall be resolved to your satisfaction.

Assigning the Engineer

A technical expert is assigned to every individual query/complaint that in turn ensures that the matter is taken up at the earliest and resolved to best of his capability.

Resolving the Issue

At Indiaboosters, Being a customer centric organization, customers are always our first priority. Thus any concern reported against our Mobile/GSM network booster is given adequate attention and resolution is provided within scheduled timelines.